Using templates allows your team to optimize their time on calls in the platform they use everyday - plus you can surface the most important themes, questions and motivations affecting your buyer. Let every meeting be a winning one.

When to use and create a template

Use templates to build, centralize and distribute your strategy for you and your entire team, incorporating the ideal call plans, questions, Salesforce fields and tasks to your team for each stage of the funnel, buyer persona or selling role you encounter. Click here for more information on how to create a template.

Some broad ways your team can leverage templates: 

  • Meeting prep - Before they get on calls with their prospect.
  • Navigating through deal stages - Templates can be tied back to Opportunity Stages in Salesforce i.e Discovery, Qualification, Scoping calls, demos (or whichever stages are most relevant in your Sales cycles).
  • Handover - Ensure handoff is smooth between departments/individuals. Get all the valid info to the correct parties using a handover template and create a stellar experience for your prospects and clients.
  • Summary Emails If it’s in your workflow to update the client or prospect on what was discussed, you can create a template for that in Dooly and copy/paste it into your email ensuring no key details were missed.

Managing Templates 

Navigate to the ellipses ‘...’ on the top right of the templates manager to:

  • Share: templates can be shared with everyone at your organization, or to users with specific roles
  • Duplicate templates to create versions of them - no need to reinvent the wheel
  • Delete or deprecate templates that are no longer relevant 

Elements of Great Templates 

Call plan - Outline the most important topics to get through in the meeting. Especially helpful when training and ramping newer reps. 

Qualification Questions  - Set out your product’s unique qualifiers, so a rep ensures the prospect they are speaking to fits it. This section is also useful for defining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) 

Checklists - Use checklists [keyboard shortcut ( )] for reps to easily know what they covered and what they may have missed 

Salesforce Fields - Pull in any fields from your CRM. This prompts the rep to fill out any relevant information gleaned during the meeting, meaning you end up with a treasure trove of data for the whole business to move faster.

Hover your cursor over any point in the screen and choose the Toolbar ( + ) and then the cloud icon, or use the keyboard shortcut “ / “ to pull in a field. 

Tasks - Drive productivity and embed Tasks at the end of a template. All tasks get sent back to SFDC so you can track how many tasks are attached to each opp and run any relevant analysis. The rep can add colour to these tasks as is relevant to them and track them via the tasks manager and also via the Dooly Slack App.

Sharing and Starring

Share templates

Any template you create can also be shared with your team. Click into the template you'd like to share, then the ellipses '...' at the top right of the modal, and choose "Share".

Choose who you want to share with. You can share with a specific role, or with everyone at your organization. Select an option then click "Save".

Now, this template will appear in the "Shared with me" section for other users at your organization.

Star templates

You can star templates you find useful that you want to use while on calls. These starred templates will show up at the top of every template list for easy access.

To star a template:

  1. Open up the template manager
  2. Find the template you want to star in the list
  3. Click on the star icon. It will turn yellow when the template is starred.
  4. The starred template will now show up in the "Starred" section
  5. To un-star, simply click on the star icon again

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