Use Dooly for Slack to plan ahead and stay on top of your day!

Subscribe to your daily agenda from Dooly to:

  • Get a daily notification (at a time you choose!) with your meetings for the day

  • Start Dooly notes that connect to your meetings right from Slack

  • Get a summary of your tasks due today

🔔 How to subscribe and unsubscribe to your daily agenda

  1. Go to any Slack channel

  2. Type /dooly subscribe to set your preferences for your daily agenda

    1. Select a time

    2. Select to receive it weekdays only or every day

  3. To stop your daily agenda notifications, type /dooly unsubscribe

📝 How to start a Dooly note from your meetings in Slack

  1. Go to your daily agenda from Dooly or type /dooly agenda in any Slack channel

  2. Click on the name of meeting to start a new Dooly note that is connected to that meeting

❓ Need help?

Type /dooly help in any Slack channel to see the full list of available Slack commands anytime.

How to connect Dooly with Slack

Get the Dooly Slack app set up to get one step closer to team selling bliss.

Get more details on what else you can do with Dooly for Slack.

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