Single sign-on via Salesforce allows you to access Dooly using your Salesforce account. Great for security 🔒, and avoiding password fatigue - no extra credentials needed!

I already have a Dooly account, what do I need to do to use SSO?
We’ve migrated users over to this new system, so you don’t have to worry about it. When you navigate to, you’ll see the ‘Sign in with Salesforce’ button. Clicking on this will redirect you to, where you can sign in, and then be redirected back to Dooly. It’s extremely simple!

I can’t remember by Salesforce login credentials, can I still log in to Dooly?

If you’re logged into Salesforce already on your browser, you’re good to go in Dooly. You may want to reach out to your Salesforce admin to retrieve your login info or reset your password.

I share a Salesforce login with my colleague, can I use SSO?

No, and this is because more than one Dooly account is linked to one Salesforce account. If you find yourself here, we recommend you navigate to the 'prefer to sign in with email' page.

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