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Pipeline for Managers & Team Leads
Pipeline for Managers & Team Leads

Bring Pipeline into your next 1:1s and pipeline review meetings

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If you're a Manager or team lead looking to understand holistically how your team or how a member of your team is performing on key metrics at any given time – Pipeline gives you a quick and flexible way to do so.

Here's how:

  1. Go to "Pipeline"

  2. Choose "All Opportunities" or "Everything" from the dropdown or any custom SFDC view you may have for your team

  3. To see an individual rep's pipeline, add a filter for Owner is <input the rep's name or group of names>

  4. To see an active pipeline, add a filter for Stage does not equal Closed

  5. To see Opportunities within any given timeframe, add a filter for Close Date is <set your timeframe>

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