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Update Account Fields from your Opportunity Notes
Update Account Fields from your Opportunity Notes

Cross reference Account fields while taking notes on an Opportunity

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Sometimes you'll have fields on an opportunity and an account that you need to update at the same time. 

Option 1: Add opp and account fields to your note

In your note, link to an opportunity and you can update both opp and account Salesforce fields. You can also do this in a template you create for an opportunity. 

  1. In your note or template insert a Salesforce field by typing "\"

  2. To switch between Opportunity (this record) and Account fields, use the dropdown on the right hand side of the picker (which says 'this record')

  3. Click and choose "this Account" instead and search for any Account field

  4. Insert and update as usual!

Note: if something already exists in SFDC for that field, it will be pre-populated when that field is inserted into your note.

Option 2: View and update fields on related records in a drawer

There's another fast way to see and update fields on related records!

  1. Click name of record from your note (or hover over name in your pipeline view)

  2. Drawer opens on right side

  3. Change the record in the drawer (see below, the note is for an opp, and the drawer is the related account)

  4. Add any fields you want to see or update

  5. These fields will hold for future too!

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