Cards View

Cards view gives you a kanban board, a visual look into where each of your cards sits in terms of Opportunity Stages. 

Through this view, you can add an Opportunity Stage Signal to a card, deciding when the card will pop up.

  1. Click on the lightbulb on the top right of the page to pull up the Content sidebar

  2. Use the Configure Stages dropdown to see which stage column you want to view

  3. Click ‘Add a Card’ to start a new content card or find a card you already created 

  4. Click on the card, and use your cursor drag and drop it into one of the stages 

  5. To remove a card from a stage, either drag and drop it to a different stage or to remove completely, drag and drop it into the yellow “remove from stage” button on the top of the stage column

Note: It’s not required to add a Stage signal to any of your content cards. However, it definitely helps in refining and curation of enablement pieces. 

List View

The list view is a Stage-agnostic way to manage your content. 

Use this view if you'd like to see all content created in a list view. All cards appear in this view by default

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