The Playbook Library

The Playbook library is a vault for content on a wide variety of topics.

 On analyzing how our most successful clients use this feature, here are some of the common categories for playbooks cards:

  • Product Features: close the loop between Product and Sales, have your customer facing teams always in the know of the latest updates and features and use cases
  • Customer Stories + case studies: memorialize what your clients and advocates say, and your most recent case studies to share with your clients in the form of compelling storytelling
  • Competitive landscape/comparisons and battle cards: stay on top of your competition, so that your reps always know how to handle the question ‘how are you better than your competitor, X’?
  • Objection handling: especially powerful for newer team-mates, arm them to handle difficult conversations with prospects 
  • Buyer persona: tailor your pitch depending on who you’re talking to 
  • Coaching: which questions to ask at the right time: build a scalable coaching mechanism for your team, prompting which questions to ask next to uncover pain, and to close more deals. 

The Authors

Knowledge is power. Have your customer-facing teams integrate expertise from all parts of the business to become trusted advisors and consultants to your clients.

  • Sales writes coaching and sales acumen pieces to assist in moving the needle on the deal
  • Marketing contributes industry best practices, competitive intel and relevant content assets 
  • Customer Success delivers customer stories, testimonials and ROI stories
  • Product teams add up-to-date technical information to arm all members of your team with what’s new 

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