Dooly Notes can file your notes to personal records instead of Salesforce records. 

To create a personal note, you'll first want to create a personal record. We recommend creating personal records for different topics like:

  • 1-on-1's
  • My Notes
  • Projects¬†

Each time you create a personal note you'll have the option to file your note to one of the above records, to ensure you're staying organized and can reference past notes.

To Create a Personal Record

  1. Go to a New Note page
  2. In the blue bar above the note start typing what you want to name your record
  3. Make sure your filter drop down is set to 'Everything' 
  4. Dooly will give you an option to 'Create Personal Record'

How to find your notes

  1. On your homepage, you have your "Recently Updated" notes section
  2. Set the filter dropdown to "Personal"
  3. It will pull up all your personal records and how many notes you have
  4. You can dive into any one of your records to see

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