Dooly Notes can file content to personal records instead of Salesforce records. 

First create a personal record. For example: 

  • Weekly 1-on-1
  • My Notes
  • Projects 

Each time you write a personal note you can file it against one of your folders so you can reference your previous notes. Just like you would on an opp or account.  

How To Create a Personal Record

  1. Start a new note
  2. Click "Link to Salesforce" blue button
  3. Type what you want to call the personal record folder (eg: Weekly 1:1)
  4. Dooly will give you an option to 'Create Personal Record'

How to find your notes

  1. On your homepage, you have your "Recently Updated" notes section
  2. Set the filter dropdown to "Personal"
  3. View all your personal notes

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