Link notes to personal records in Dooly to jot down thoughts and opinions that don't need to be in Salesforce. Consider a personal record as your private notebook!

Personal records don't get created in Salesforce and they are not shared with your colleagues. You can feel confident knowing that when linking notes to personal records, your thoughts are kept private.

Examples of personal records to create

  • Weekly 1:1

  • My notes or notebook

  • Projects

How to create a personal record

  1. Click on "Quick Create" or use the keyboard shortcut CMD+K

  2. Select "Personal"

  3. Input what you want to call it and hit Save!

How to link a note to a personal record

  1. Start a new note

  2. Click on "Link to Salesforce" and search for the name of your personal record

  3. Write your note and hit Save!

  4. And voila! You've added your note to your personal record.

Pro Tip: When in your note, star your personal record to view in your favorites. ⭐️

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