You're rarely working alone. In those instances, share your Dooly notes in Slack to get input from your colleagues, and stay on top of your day via agendas. 

Three ways to collaborate on Dooly notes in Slack:

  1. Choose a Slack channel 

  2. @mention and Dooly automatically creates a new channel 

  3. Share single notes in Slack or anywhere

Choose a Slack Channel

Choose a Slack channel to send your current notes to (click on “Record options” at the top right). When you sync future notes, they’ll also send to that channel.

For example: loop Legal into a deal channel during negotiation so they can see all notes without going to Dooly or Salesforce.

@mention to Share in Slack

In your note, @mention to pull up a list of all your organization's Slack users. Type to search, and choose people to share with and Sync your note.

Dooly will create a channel in Slack and invite the members you tagged. Have a conversation in Slack on this deal. You can @mention more people and hit sync to invite them to the same channel.

Share a Single Note

Grab a link from your note and share in Slack or anywhere. Click on the Share button in your note. Grab the link and you're done.

Get Setup and More Details

Be sure to read up on the quick setup instructions. Your organization's Slack admin may need to do the initial authorization. 

More details on what else you can do with Dooly + Slack.

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