We've heard it time and again from our users that you're constantly striking the balance between having an organic conversation, and getting through your list of questions. 

You weren't meant to stay on-script. 

That's why we build this feature: to empower you to ask the best questions, and we'll also remind you if you missed any.

Using Questions in Dooly

Dooly questions separates your most important questions into chunks, where you can track the question with its corresponding answer, and also be reminded to ask it in your next customer meeting if it was unanswered previously.

You can layer in Questions to your Templates, Notes, and even your Playbook.

How questions work

Adding Questions
To add a question simply navigate to the toolbar (+ when you hover your cursor to the left hand side of your note) or type the keyboard shortcut (? space).

Answer blocks
Think of your answer blocks as a note within a note. In an answer block you can add bullet lists, fields, checklists etc. (same formatting that you can use in notes). You can also add another line to your answer by hitting Return.

Open Questions

Once you have questions in your note, and if they remain unanswered, Dooly will be sure to remind you the next time you open a new note on that record. 

If someone else is taking over an Opportunity/Account - the reminder will still be surfaced to other users accessing the notes on that record. 

You can "Clear open questions" to dismiss - that way we won't remind you about it anymore.

How to leverage Questions for your team in Dooly

Questions can be used not only in note but also:


Just as you can in notes, Questions can be added to your Templates as well using the same workflow (Type '? space' or use the '+ bar')

With Templates, you can pre-set some default fields as well into your answers so you can always remember to fill a field while you're recording your answer to a question.

Insertable Playbook Cards 

What if you only wanted to trigger a set of questions based on key words? This feature works well for contextual questions or followup questions.

  1. Use Playbooks to create cards based on key words. E.g "Not sure" triggers a card with 2 followup questions. 
  2. Choose "Add to Note" 
  3. Answer the questions and have them saved in your note
  4. In the event you have an open question, it will remind you next time you visit this record in Dooly.

If you have any questions about using Questions in Dooly - use our LiveChat or send us an email at support@dooly.ai

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