Friday, May 3 2019

About the feature

Dooly questions separates your most important questions into chunks, where you can track the question with its corresponding answer, and also be reminded to ask it in your next customer meeting if it was unanswered previously.

What the feature includes:

Answer blocks
 In an answer block you can add bullet lists, fields, checklists etc. (same formatting that you can use in notes). 

Open Questions

Open questions track unanswered questions and remind users to ask them, even if a different user accesses the record in Dooly.

Questions are compatible in:


With Templates, you can pre-set some default fields as well into your answers so you can always remember to fill a field while you're recording your answer to a question.

Insertable Playbook Cards

Now you can use Playbooks to create cards based on key words. Then insert those triggered questions.
E.g "Not sure" triggers a card with 2 followup questions.

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions on this feature!

Dooly Dev Team

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