If you want to stay on top of what's happening across all Dooly notes for your business, try following keywords! The most common use case we see is for tracking competitive mentions. You could also follow product line names, themes or anything else you're interested in. 

Type /dooly follow keyword  into the Dooly Slack app or any Slack channel where keyword  is the word you'd like to follow.

For example:  /dooly follow pricing objection.

From there, anytime a note gets synced by any of your teammates with that word, we'll send you a notification and the link to that note! Easy peasy. 

Other commands related to this feature:

  • Type /dooly list following   - to see a list of currently subscribed to keywords

  • Type /dooly unfollow pricing objection  - to stop following that word

  • You can always type /dooly help  to see a list of most current commands. 

Get Setup and More Details

Be sure to read up on the quick setup instructions. Your organization's Slack admin may need to do the initial authorization. 

More details on what else you can do with Dooly + Slack.

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