Stay informed on all of your team’s deals.

Get notified when keywords or phrases are brought up in the sales process.

How to follow a keyword

  1. Go to any Slack channel

  2. Type /dooly follow keyword to follow that keyword

    1. For example: /dooly follow pricing

  3. Now anytime a note gets synced by a team member mentioning that keyword, you will get a notification in Slack with the link to that Dooly note.

How to unfollow a keyword

  1. Go to any Slack channel

  2. Type /dooly unfollow keyword to stop following that word

    1. For example: /dooly unfollow pricing

💡Pro Tip: Some keyword inspiration to follow for your business are to track competitor mentions, pricing, product features, or common objections.

How to get a list of all followed keywords

  1. Go to any Slack channel

  2. Type /dooly list following to see a list of all keywords you’re currently subscribed

❓ Need help?

Type /dooly help in any Slack channel to see the full list of available Slack commands anytime.

How to connect Dooly with Slack

Get the Dooly Slack app set up to get one step closer to team selling bliss.

Get more details on what else you can do with Dooly for Slack.

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