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View Notes from Related Records
View Notes from Related Records

Get the full picture of your customer's journey

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Turn on "Show Related Notes" to pull in all notes that were taken in Dooly on related Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities.

You'll always have the full picture of every single conversation that's taken place, whether by you or someone else on your team without leaving the record you're working on. From lead to close, close to renewal, etc.

How does it work? 

It's pretty simple. Simply turn the toggle on when you want Dooly to pull in related notes. 

When to use related notes...

Account Managers & CSMs. You just got handed a new client you want to run a Kick Off meeting with. When you're taking your notes on the Account - turn on related notes to see any notes your colleague in Sales left on the Opportunity or Contacts so you can go in to that meeting super prepared. 

Account Execs. The SDR you work with often take their notes on the Lead, Contact or Account record. Once you're involved, you live in the Opportunity. Turn on related notes to see any juicy details they've left you. 

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