What you should know about this update:

1. All your unlinked notes are now in one place  
From "Home", click on "unlinked notes" and you'll see all the notes on one easy-to-manage page. Then you can link and sync, or delete the note. Previously you would have had to click into each note to save or kill it.
Also, any new note you start will store here until you link it to a Salesforce record.  

2. Always saved to Dooly
All your unlinked and unsynced notes are saved in Dooly. Although you can have an unlimited number, we recommend linking to a record when you start your note and syncing when you're finished. 

3. Sync to Salesforce on your terms.
When you view notes for an opportunity, account, contact etc, you may see multiple sync buttons as you scroll through the note history. Previously, we would automatically sync notes when you saved, now you can sync when you want. Just scroll through to sync when you're ready to sync each note. Coming soon: "sync all". 

This update took some heavy-lifting on the back end. Props to Antonio for knuckling through 7000+ lines of code to serve this up for you.

Got feedback? Reach out anytime. 

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