Dooly pulls in all of the Salesforce views that exists. Sometimes they're not quite what you're looking for. It only takes a minute to build a new view in Dooly! Then you can share the view with specific roles, individuals or everyone in your organization.

How to create a new view:

  • Use the Board name drop down to select the view you want to duplicate
    (eg: Everything or My Opportunities).
    Pro tip: start with a view that contains more than what you want to see. A board that's already heavily filtered may not include your full opportunity or account list.

  • Then select duplicate this view and name the view.
    Pro tip: use a number in your title based on priority. "1. Ellie - overdue next steps".

  • Seeing more than your records? Add fields to select "Owner" and filter to "IS ME".

  • Add fields and filter down (eg: close date, next steps, stage, amount etc).
    Pro tip: Choose fields based on what you need to update at that journey stage.

  • Drag and drop your columns in an order that makes for easy updating.

Save your filter view!

  • Use Filters on columns to drill down to the information you want to see.

  • Filter on anything, the column doesn't need to be on the board.

  • "Save filter updates".

  • The 'red dot' on the drop down means you have unsaved filter changes.

  • Don't worry: the configuration changes you make do NOT change the configuration in Salesforce. Only the field information is updated. 

  • Star your favorite! Then you can easily get back to your board from anywhere in Dooly.

Ready to share your view now?

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