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Build a Custom Pipeline View
Build a Custom Pipeline View

Know where to focus your time with your deals and accounts

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Create a custom pipeline view in Dooly to know where to focus your time and energy so you can close more deals.

  • Use filters to slice and dice your pipeline

  • Customize the fields you see on your pipeline to what matters most

  • Save your pipeline for easy reference later on

  • Share your pipeline view with your manager for your next pipeline review

How to create a custom pipeline view

  1. Go to the Pipeline homepage (Dooly logo in the top left)

  2. Select the "More Views" dropdown in the priority views bar, and select + Create new view

  3. Select your data source + Apply filters to drill down on the info you want to see

    1. For example: owner, close date, next steps, stage, amount, etc.

  4. Adjust the fields (columns) that you want to see listed across the top of your pipeline view

    1. Pro tip: Choose fields based on what you need to update at that journey stage

    2. Drag and drop your columns in an order for easy updating

  5. Once you're done, select Save to save your pipeline view

  6. Select Share to share your view with your team

How to add account fields to another object's pipeline view

Bring more context to your pipeline and add those important account-level fields right next to where you manage your deals or contacts.

  1. Start on any Opportunity or Contact pipeline view

    1. Start in your Opportunity pipeline view to combine opp and account info

    2. Start in your Contact pipeline view to combine contact and account info

  2. Select the +/- button and select Account in the dropdown menu

  3. Check off the account fields to add into your pipeline view

๐Ÿ’ก Pro Tip: You can update the account fields you've added to your pipeline!

Ideas to get started with custom pipeline views

  • For Account Executives: Live opps, closing this month and quarter, close date past, next steps, overdue next steps.

  • For BDRs and TOFU reps: outbound sourced opps, inbound sourced opps, closed/won last quarter, overdue next steps, first meeting not held.

  • For Customer Success: account reviews this week, renewals this quarter, at risk, overdue next steps, new customers.

  • For Managers and Team Leads: read this article.

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