As we continue to introduce more functionality to notes, the need to unify how we show information and actions related to notes becomes more important.

Check out the new notes interface!

What's changed for unlinked notes

  1. Note information separates the title from the note's content.
    To navigate from the title to its content: enter, down arrow, or tab.
    From the content to the title: backspace, up arrow, or shift + tab.

  2. "Link to Salesforce" button's in a new spot.

  3. The "Meeting" row shows the linked calendar event. If a note isn't already linked to a calendar event, you'll see an option to "Connect to meeting".

  4. "Attendees" show in a row instead of the note body. Its functionality is the same, but better organized. You can still manually create contacts from notes if that's your jam! (Just start a line with +space)

An unlinked note

What's changed for linked notes

  1. The "Record" row has a button with the record name as its label. Clicking it lets you move your note to a different record.

  2. The "Log as" row lets you choose an activity type. With an activity type selected, syncing a note creates an activity in Salesforce.

  3. Nothing's changed with our most 👌 button: "Sync".

A linked note

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