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Opportunity Contact Roles

Assign contact roles and primary contacts in Dooly

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Getting nagged to assign contact roles or primary contacts on your opportunities?

Easily create contacts and assign opportunity contact roles in Dooly! 🔥

Here's how – two ways:

1️⃣ In DealSpace

  1. Search (CMD+J) for an opportunity or click on the name of an opportunity in pipeline (psst, both roads lead you to DealSpace)

  2. In the Key Players card, click on the + Add Key Player button

  3. Find (or create) a contact

  4. Assign their role, select if they are the primary contact, and choose their disposition

  5. Click Save and see the magic happen ✨

2️⃣ While Taking Notes

  1. Start your new note from a calendar meeting to automatically add your meeting attendees

  2. Link your note to an opportunity

  3. Click the attendee's name to create a new contact record or update the details

  4. Click on the dropdown menu next to the contact's name

  5. Assign the contact role or assign as the primary contact

💡 Pro Tip: Your contact will show the "missing contact details" warning if the title or email is missing from the contact. Simply click Edit to add any missing details to your key contacts!

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