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Top 10 Note Tips
Top 10 Note Tips

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Top 10 Note Tips

  1. Start note from Dooly meetings to import attendees and prep in advance.

  2. Link and Sync! If you only do these two things, Dooly is still magical.

  3. Prep for your calls in advance by starting a note from the calendar.

  4. Contacts! Add new, assign contact roles, edit details all from the top of note.

  5. Use a template to pull agenda, scripts, questions, fields for each stage of the journey.

  6. Update fields while on calls. Type "/" in note or use field set drawer on right.

  7. Make it pretty with formatting. Headings, highlights, checklists, Q&A format.

  8. Tasks. If you want more to do's create a Salesforce task in your note or on home.

  9. Log a call and update additional task details (like hours or other SLAs).

  10. Share your note! Push to Slack or share an individual note.

Bonus Tip: Keyboard shortcuts that will help speed up your workflow.

Explore more tips for taking better sales notes and syncing it to Salesforce in seconds with Dooly.

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