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Okta SSO Integration for Dooly
Okta SSO Integration for Dooly

Easy provisioning and de-provisioning for your Dooly users

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We use Salesforce’s OAuth to authenticate users, allowing your team to access Dooly without entering login credentials into our system. We work with SSO providers, like Okta, to manage user provisioning in Dooly.

Provisioning Features

When Okta is enabled for Dooly, this will allow your Okta administrator to:

  • Push New Users – New users created through Okta will also be created in Dooly

  • Push Profile Updates – Updates made to the user's profile through Okta will be pushed to Dooly

  • Push User Deactivation – Deactivating the user or disabling the user's access to the application through Okta will deactivate the user Dooly

    • Note: For Dooly, deactivating a user means removing access to login, but maintaining the user's information as an inactive user

  • Reactivate Users – User accounts can be reactivated in Dooly

Setting up Okta with Dooly

To start the Okta rollout process, please email us at

Dooly will partner with you and your Okta owner to ensure a smooth rollout.

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