Dooly Usage Stats

Gain actionable insights into how your team is using Dooly

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Gain actionable insights into how your team is using Dooly.

How to access Dooly usage stats

  1. Go to your avatar

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Members to access the usage dashboard

What usage data is available

From the dashboard, you can easily view, filter, sort and export usage info to understand more about the activity of your team such as:

  • Days active

  • Notes synced

  • Fields synced

  • Templates inserted

Get actionable signals from the usage stats

  • Do new users need training? Filter Account created date to last 30 days and see what people have taken notes, used a template, updated fields.

  • Do these users still need a seat? Or more training? Filter last seen to more than 30 days ago.

  • Are all your teams using Dooly the same way? Use Salesforce role to dig into usage.

  • Who are our power users? Check feature use and active days for the month.

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