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Add products to your deals in Dooly – cha-ching!

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Add opportunity products to your deals in Dooly!

Stay in Dooly's connected workspace and streamline your workflow even more.

How to add products to your opportunities

  1. Start from your opportunity pipeline or linked opportunity note

  2. Open the opportunity products panel

    1. In pipeline: hover over the opp name and click on the opportunity products icon

    2. In notes: click on the opportunity products icon in the top right of the screen

  3. Select a price book

  4. Add a product

  5. Click Fields to see and update additional product fields

  6. Click Save to send all the details to Salesforce and "amount" will auto-update ✨

Keep in mind

  • Switching price books for the opportunity will remove ALL of the current products.

  • Each opportunity product needs to be saved individually; there is no autosave or save all functionality.

  • New price books or products need to be created in Salesforce.

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