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Salesforce Sandbox Connection to Dooly
Salesforce Sandbox Connection to Dooly

Want to play around with how Dooly works first? Follow these instructions

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Note: To avoid conflicts with your production Salesforce Dooly account, it’s highly recommended that test users sign up for a test Dooly account using an email alias.


1️⃣ Create a separate email address (or email alias) to be used in Dooly for the Salesforce Sandbox account.

  • It is important that this is different than your production (read: live, real) Salesforce account.

  • For Google-hosted emails, simply append +{anything} to the end of your existing email address. Emails will get routed to your inbox without having to do anything else. For example,

2️⃣ Sign up for a Dooly account using a separate email address (or email alias).

3️⃣ Once signed in – and before you’ve connected Dooly to Salesforce – type the following text into the browser’s address bar: javascript:connect('salesforcesandbox')

  • You will need to manually type back in the javascript: prefix as Chrome automatically strips this out when pasted into the address bar.

  • The address bar should look exactly like this:

4️⃣ Once you hit enter, you’ll be redirected to Salesforce’s login page where you can log in using your Salesforce Sandbox credentials.

5️⃣ That’s it – Dooly is connected to your Salesforce Sandbox instance! 🎉

Caveat: When you go live with real Dooly users connected to your real Salesforce account, they won’t see anything that was created in your Sandbox Salesforce/Dooly connection. Our Dooly team can help rebuild anything that you love from your Sandbox instance.

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