Do you find yourself digging through notes to find that one critical detail?

Organize and surface important information with deal highlights!

Stay up to date on your deals with deal highlights. Find important information from your meetings by pinning them for future use so you can quickly get up to speed on your deals.

How to create a deal highlight

  1. Open any note linked to a record

  2. Highlight important text

  3. Select the push pin icon

Where to view all deal highlights on a record?

  1. Click on a record from search, from your pipeline view, or on the notes feed

  2. Select the push pin icon in the top-right hand corner

  3. 🪄 Voila, check out all the deal highlights in one place!

💡 Pro Tip: Drag and drop the highlights to change the order.

Keep in mind

  • You can only highlight your own notes

  • Only freeform text, numbered lists, bulleted lists, quotes and questions can be highlighted

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