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Sign Up & Log in to Dooly
Sign Up & Log in to Dooly

New around here? Let's start at the beginning.

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How to sign up for Dooly

First things first! You'll need an active Salesforce account to begin using Dooly.

  1. Go to Dooly's sign up page found here.

  2. Click Continue with Salesforce button

  3. Enter your Salesforce credentials

  4. Setup your Dooly account based on your needs and role

  5. Done! Welcome to Dooly πŸ‘‹

How to log into Dooly

You're in luck! Dooly uses Single sign-on (SSO) to remember you and your Salesforce credentials.

πŸ’‘ Pro Tip: Bookmark Dooly for speedy access πŸ‘‰

Oh no! Dooly does not remember me or my Salesforce credentials

  • You can login your Salesforce credentials directly through the Dooly login page

  • Or logging back into your Salesforce app to refresh your SSO credentials. Once you've logged in to Salesforce you can go back to Dooly through:

Need help?

Our support team is here to help ❀️

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