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Pipeline Field History
Pipeline Field History

Stay on top of and in the know of recent changes to your pipeline

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Does this sound familiar?👇

  • "I need to understand how my reps deals have changed since our last pipeline review."

  • "I need to remember where my deal has been to help me tell the story to my teammates."

Mixed signals no more! Pipeline field history makes it easy to track changes to opportunities as they move through the sales cycle.

How to find the field history:

Better understand a deal’s history – hover over any fields on an opportunity pipeline and you’ll see any changes that have been made so next steps are clear.

Which Salesforce fields will show history?

Pipeline field history works for the following key fields:

  • Stage

  • Amount

  • Next Steps

  • Close date

How do I enable pipeline field history for my team?

You will need to enable Salesforce’s existing OpportunityFieldHistory object to track record field changes. Then, make sure the following fields are tracked to leverage this feature:

  • Stage

  • Amount

  • Next Steps

  • Close Date

💡 Pro Tip: Ask your friendly, local Salesforce admin to enable field history tracking. Bribes may or may not be acceptable. 😉

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