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Deal + Account Vitals
Deal + Account Vitals

Know exactly what records need attention and how to move them forward

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Increase the odds of hitting your numbers (👋 hellooooo President’s Club)

Vitals give you a snapshot of how your Opportunities and Accounts are doing and help you flag the ones that need action. The more you know, the more you can do to act fast and hit quota! 🙌

How to access Deal + Account Vitals

1. On Your Opportunity and Account Pipelines

On your Opportunity and Account pipelines, next to the name of each record is the summary of your vitals. Hovering over the indicators will reveal the factors that need attention to make this deal healthy.

💡Pro tip: Identify which records need attention. Click on the Vitals Icon in your Pipeline to sort your opportunities and accounts by vital health.

2. On Record Overview

In the Account Vitals tile on the Record Overview page, you’ll get an overview of Vitals at a glance.

3. In DealSpace

Hover over the Deal Vitals indicator in the Main Metrics of your DealSpace.

What drives Deal + Account Vitals?

By default, Dooly automatically checks for the following opportunity Salesforce fields to create the overall deal health.

  • Account

  • Last Modified Date (if it’s longer than 2 weeks, Dooly will flag this)

  • Close Date

  • Next Step

  • Amount

Account Vitals are powered by checking the following salesforce fields:

  • Annual revenue

  • Last activity date

  • Rating

  • Number of employees

How to customize Deal + Account Vitals

Customize deal vitals specifically for your organization to forecast better and drive revenue. Check out our article on Advanced Vital Configuration to learn more!

💡 Pro Tip: Only Dooly admins can customize deal vitals for your organization.

⚡️ Premier feature: Customizable vitals for Opportunities and Accounts is part of our Premier plan

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