CMD+J to turn your online activities into actionable sales steps in real time

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Context switching sucks. Keep your eyes on the prize! 🏆

Stay in the zone – no more switching between countless tools to complete a simple task. DoolyBar is everything you need to stay on top of your deals with a simple keyboard command, CMD+J.

Use DoolyBar to:

  • Turn your recent meeting notes into follow up emails

  • Access key account data while on LinkedIn profiles to personalize your outreach

  • Create or update Salesforce records from anywhere on the web

Get started by downloading the Dooly Chrome extension. 👇

Turn your online activities into actionable sales steps in real time

Get quick access to all of your Salesforce info and take action from anywhere and everywhere on the web.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Use CMD+J to bring up DoolyBar anywhere on the web

  2. Select a quick action (such as creating a new record) or search for a lead, contact, opportunity or account

  3. Update Salesforce and complete the task without switching tabs or tools

See DoolyBar in Action

DoolyBar gives a little extra oomph ✨ and shows customized and contextual commands on these sites depending on the contact or account you’re engaging with:

  • LinkedIn

  • Salesloft

  • Outreach

  • Gmail

  • Gong

  • Salesforce

💡Pro Tip: If CMD+J isn’t your jam or it’s not triggering DoolyBar for you, go to chrome://extensions/shortcuts in your browser to change the keyboard shortcut for DoolyBar when Dooly isn’t open. An alternative to CMD+J is changing the shortcut to CMD+ two other keys. This will help avoid duplicating the shortcut with other popular hot keys.

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