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Dooly User Permissions

How to manage your team's Dooly permissions

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In Dooly, everyone has a role with their unique level of permissions and access. Read on to learn more about the default user permissions and how to create ones that fit your team.

Dooly permissions by role

There are 3 default user roles: Regular Member, Playbook Curator, and Administrator. Use the table below to get a breakdown of the permissions of these default roles.

NOTE: "Guest" and "Deactivated" roles do NOT have a seat assigned to a subscription. Guest roles only have view only access to Dooly.

Regular Member

Playbook Curator


Create, edit, and share pipeline views

Create, edit, and share notes

View templates

Create and edit templates

View playbook content

Create and edit playbook content

Manage seats and user permissions

Manage billing

Manage user permissions

Create custom user roles (Premier plan only)

Customize deal vitals (Premier plan only)

Customize Dooly user roles

On the Premier plan, Administrators have control to set who can create content in Dooly. For example, give your sales managers and enablement team access to create templates and playbooks that align with your winning sales process.

How to create a new user role

  1. Go to your avatar

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Permissions

  4. Click Create a role, and set your desired permissions

How to assign your new user role to your team

  1. Go to your avatar

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Members

  4. Click into the Account Type cell to select their new user role or deactivate that user entirely

Invite your team

Are your SDRs or SEs in Dooly? What about post-sale implementation and customer success teams? Teamwork makes the dream work!

When your whole team is in Dooly, it makes handoffs between each team smooth so everyone can get up to speed fast on an account and pick up the customer relationship where the last rep left off.

  1. Go to your avatar

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Members

  4. Click Invite in the top-right corner

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