Keep your deals up to date and moving forward with actionable recommendations powered by Dooly's AI.

Use Dooly's Recommendations as your AI assistant to do admin work... so you don't have to! Dooly's AI will suggest what to do next on deals based on your sales notes.

How to get Recommendations

When taking notes against your opportunity, Dooly's AI uses context from your sales notes to automate post-meeting deal updates.

To trigger recommendations, click on the Recommendations ✨ button at the top of the page.

Your recommendations will be available in the About this deal panel.

Next Steps

Dooly's AI recommends next steps for the deal. You can adjust as needed and give feedback so Dooly's AI can get smarter and improve the accuracy of your future recommendations.

Next Steps Date

Dooly's AI magically generates a date for your next steps.

Recommended Contacts

When you mention someone in your sales notes, Dooly's AI checks if that person is a Salesforce contact. If it isn't, we recommend you to create it to keep track of key players on deals.

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