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Dooly's Billing Process

How billing and subscription management works at Dooly

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This guide will take you through how billing and subscription management works at Dooly. If you have any specific questions related to your subscription, please reach out to

Let’s get into it!

Overview of how billing works

  • Your subscription is linked to the amount of paid seats you purchase and is recalculated automatically when you add or remove seats.

  • If you add extra seats above your current subscription, you’ll receive a prorated charge.

  • If you unassign seats and then reduce the number of seats on your subscription, a prorated credit will be applied to your account.

  • Your credit card is automatically charged at the end of your billing cycle unless you cancel your subscription.

Adding seats to your subscription

You can add extra seats at any time. When adding extra seats above your current subscription, you will be charged the prorated amount for each extra seat until the end of the billing interval. Once you’ve added new seats to your subscription, assign them to users.

On an annual subscription, the prorated amount is charged on the next month’s billing cycle. For example: if your annual subscription renews on November 14, and you added seats on March 1, then you would be billed on March 14 for those extra seats prorated from March 1 through November 14.

On a monthly subscription, next month’s billing cycle will include the renewal payment for your current subscription and the prorated amount for any extra added seats from the previous month.

Removing seats from your subscription

You can remove seats at any time. When removing seats from your subscription, a prorated credit will be applied to your account.

To remove a seat, first either make the user a “guest” which gives them view only options in Dooly, or fully “deactivate” the user which fully turns off their account so it’s best used for people who are no longer with your company or who you know for sure should not have access.

If you cancel your subscription, users will have access to Dooly until the end of your payment period (ie next monthly or annual billing cycle).

If you have a signed contract with Dooly, you cannot remove seats below your contractual minimum. For example, if you have agreed to 100 seats, then you cannot downgrade below 100 seats until you have a conversation with sales before your cancellation window. Please refer to the terms and conditions in your contract.

Okta details and differences

If you're using Okta/SCIM for provisioning and deprovisioning users in Dooly, then seats are turned on or off through your company's IT process.

  • Billing is prorated based on when the seat is provisioned (or deprovisioned).

  • Users are provisioned as a regular user. Additional roles (eg: Administrator, Playbook curator can be added on the Dooly member page).

  • Deprovisioned users are automatically deactivated in Dooly.

Frequently asked questions

How do I change the billing contact or credit card information?

You can change your billing information, including your credit card details or primary contact email, on the Billing page.

What payment methods are available?

Dooly accepts credit card payments, accepts all of the popular credit card types, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. The option to pay by invoice or wire transfer is only available for organizations on the Premier subscription.

What happens if there’s an issue with the credit card payment?

If there’s an issue with your credit card payment, we’ll try again after 3, 8, and 15 days. If we still can’t process the charge after day 15, your subscription will be cancelled and we’ll transition your account to our free plan until you’re ready to extend or choose a new plan.

What currency am I going to be charged in?

Dooly’s plans are priced in USD. Our payment processor will bill you in USD, which your bank may then convert to your local currency.

What’s your refund policy when removing paid seats?

We will apply a prorated credit to your account for any paid seats that are removed. This credit can be used for future charges. Please note that this does not apply to customers on contracted plans with Dooly, such as our Premier plan customers. Please refer to your contract for further details or reach out to with any questions.

How do I assign seats to users?

Admin users can assign seats and manage user permissions from the Members page.

Can I share one paid seat with several users?

No, as it's one user per seat. However, you can release the seat by removing a user and invite another user to the open seat.

A paid seat was added to my subscription but I removed it before the charge. Will I be charged the prorated amount until the end of the billing period anyway?

No, the amount will be prorated to the time period the additional user has been in the subscription.

Contact or chat in app for any further questions or inquiries. Thank you!

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