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Sync Notes to Multiple Records
Sync Notes to Multiple Records

Sync text-only notes to multiple records and record types!

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Sync text only versions of your Dooly notes to multiple records in Salesforce, so you can share the right information with the people who need to know. Now the entire revenue team can stay up to date and get the information they need, no matter where they work in Salesforce.

Why would I need to sync to multiple records?

  • Make it easy to collaborate with co-workers on related accounts, renewals, and expansion revenue without worrying about missing information across Salesforce objects

  • Consolidate your notes just like you do your meetings, without creating extra busy work to sync them multiple times

  • Share information across the CRM so everyone can stay informed and know what the current status of a key customer’s journey is

How can I see which records the note was synced to?

See which records your note was synced to using the + icon next to the Record drop down. Any records with a green check mark next to its name has been synced.

What is a text only version of a note in Salesforce?

The text version of a note is simply that. It's a version of your note in which there is only plain text. No fields, fancy fonts, no alignment, no images, no colors... only plain and simple text.

How many different records can I sync to?

Currently, you are able to sync your note with up to 10 additional records using this feature. If you attempt to select more than 10 records from the drop down, previously selected records will become unselected.

What happens if I remove one of the record types from the list?

If you remove one of the selected records from the drop down list, the note will no longer sync to that record in Salesforce and it will no longer appear in the records related notes list.

How does this work? Where do the notes appear in Salesforce?

Behind the scenes, this links the note in Salesforce via a ContentDocumentLink to the additional records. What this means is that it is not a copy of the note, just a reference. So when the note is updated it should reflect across all objects to which the note is visible.

Why aren't my notes appearing in Salesforce?

This multi record note sync feature works on ContentNotes, not legacy notes. Ensure you have this note feature enabled. In Salesforce, navigate to Setup > Notes Settings > Enable Notes. Select the Enable Notes check box. Add the Notes related list to the appropriate page layouts.

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