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Template Gallery Best Practices
Template Gallery Best Practices

Keep your enablement organized and up-to-date with these tips!

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Naming your Templates 📇

When deciding on a name for your template, pick something that indicates when, where or by whom it should be used. Accurate naming can improve searchability + reduce redundant duplications.

Duplicating an existing template? consider renaming completely or adding an indication of the duplication.

Pro Tip💡Want to add additional details to indicate the use case for the template? Consider using the “Description” area. This will appear below the template name on the tile in your gallery:

How to star a template ⭐️

Starred templates help you keep your favorite templates readily available.

  1. Find the template you want to star or favorite

  2. Click on the star

  3. The starred template will now show up in the Starred section

  4. To un-star, simply click on the star icon again

Pro tip💡 stared templates are displayed first when listed as suggested template insert option within a note.

How to Improve the relevancy of Suggested Templates within a note

Dooly suggests note templates based on following criteria in the order listed below:

  1. starred templates matching the selected record stage

  2. non-starred templates matching the selected record stage

  3. starred templates matching the selected record type

  4. non-starred templates matching the selected record type

If there are multiple matches in one of the above criteria, then secondary sort is by owner, and tertiary sort is recency of last update. If no templates match the above criteria, we will display (upto 5) other starred templates, followed by non-starred templates, sorted by owner, or recency of last update.

Pro tip💡 Ask us about how to enable an AUTO INSERT template feature. If suggested templates has only ONE matching result, we can turn on a feature that enables it to auto insert into your note.

Searching your Template Gallery🔍

  • Use a keyword to search for templates

  • The search will surface results where the key word was used in the name or description of the template

  • The search field can be used in combination with tags and “used for” drop down

  • You are not able to search or filter by template owner 🙅‍♀️

Tagging Your Templates 🏷️

Up to 5 tags can be added to each template. Click on the tags in the template gallery to see groups of templates.

Pro Tip💡Tags by role, region or stage are a great way to organize and filter templates in your gallery.

Example templates from high-performers

First-call scripts, discovery questions, MEDDICC, demo, negotiation, account plan, handover, renewal, advocacy plays, success plans, and summary emails for customers.

Explore our template gallery for inspiration for template structure, Salesforce fields, and key questions to ask.

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