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Update Your Deals and Accounts in One-Click
Update Your Deals and Accounts in One-Click

Update Salesforce accounts, opps, contacts and leads in seconds with Dooly ๐Ÿ”ฅ

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Effortlessly keep your deals and accounts up-to-date with Doolyโ€™s one-click edits.

By managing your deals and accounts with Dooly, you can click into any field to update it! No more endless tabs or new windows to make a simple change.

Dooly automatically pulls in all of your Salesforce records for accounts, opportunities, contacts, leads, and tasks as well as all Salesforce list views as a starting point. Then with one-click, you can update any Salesforce field right in Dooly in seconds. When the field turns green, that means Salesforce is now updated ๐Ÿ’š

How to update your pipeline in one click

  1. Go to Pipeline

  2. Choose your view

    1. Click on one of the views in your priority views bar, or click on the "More Views" dropdown to reveal all available views you've created, views that have been shared with you and list views from Salesforce

    2. My Opportunities or My Accounts are a great place to start. Learn how to build a custom list view in Salesforce that will pull into Dooly here.

  3. Click into any field to update Salesforce

    1. Once you click away, it will go green, meaning your update sent to Salesforce!

    2. See a red outline? Click on the cell to see what you need to update before you can update this field.

How to customize your pipeline

Want to slice and dice and drill down on your pipeline view?

You can also effortlessly configure exactly what you want to see. You can create new views to align to each stage of the customer journey and the fields you need to know and update at that point in time.

Learn more about how to customize a pipeline view.

Explore more tips for updating and managing your Salesforce pipeline faster with Dooly.

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