When updating colleagues who aren't (yet) on Dooly, or recapping meetings with clients, you may have succumbed to the "copy/paste" game - or perhaps you tend to not share anything at all. 

Try sharing your note with them instead! 

Dooly generates a read-only version of your note to share with your colleague or clients via a unique URL giving them instant visibility into what you've captured, including any subsequent updates.

  1. Navigate to the ellipsis ('...' bottom right of your note), and choose 'Share this Note
  2. Choose 'Copy link' to have the shared note URL saved in your clipboard
  3. Paste the link to share it with someone via Slack, Gmail, iMessage....or anywhere really! 

Pro-tip: If you're sharing a note with your client, or any external parties - you'll want to make sure that any sensitive information is removed 🔍

Happy sharing!

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