With Version 2.0.0, you can now click on the Extension to open Dooly on the side, while you browse or work on other webpages.

Multitasking at its best! 💥

  1. Click the Dooly Chrome Extension while on a tab in Chrome
  2. Browse Dooly with full functionality from the side - (update Boards, Write Notes, Create follow-up tasks for yourself, etc.) 
  3. You can also click the Tasks button to leave your to-do list open

Access Dooly from within Salesforce

  1. If you are within a record in Salesforce, clicking on Dooly Chrome Extension will open the sidebar to that record's notes. You can also start a new note for this record.
  2. Choose to expand your note into a new tab by clicking the 'd' Dooly logo
  3. After that, if you navigate to a new record and would like Dooly to follow you, choose the eye icon to have Dooly switch the record you're working in
  4. Click the Dooly Chrome Extension to slide the drawer back out when you're done

Notes on installation:

  • If you were previously using the older version of the Dooly Chrome Extension, you will get a notification in your Chrome settings that "Dooly is disabled"
  • Click into the update, and you'll get the option to review permissions and re-enable this newer version. 

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