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Get more done while staying focused. The Dooly Chrome Extension is multitasking at its best. Get started by downloading the Dooly Chrome extension:

Here’s what you can do with the Chrome Extension:

  1. CMD+J to access DoolyBar, update Salesforce from anywhere

  2. Start Dooly notes right from your calendar

  3. Create contacts from your calendar

  4. Make updates in Dooly that keep up with your outbound motion

CMD+J for DoolyBar

DoolyBar keeps you focused with automated workflows and less context switching, saving hours of selling time each week. Turn your online activities into actionable sales steps in real time.

Use DoolyBar to:

  • Turn your recent meeting notes into follow up emails

  • Access key account data while on LinkedIn profiles to personalize your outreach

  • Create or update Salesforce records from anywhere on the web

Try the CMD+J shortcut on any site and see the magic for yourself ✨

💡Pro tip: Access Dooly while in other tech tools (like email), so you can update fields, write a note, create a task, etc.

Start Dooly notes right from your calendar

Don't miss out on this nifty button to Take notes in Dooly right in your calendar. Never forget to document your deal narrative again!

Create contacts right from your calendar

Keep track of who you're meeting with. Quickly create Salesforce contacts right from your Google Calendar.

Make Dooly updates that keep up with your outbound motion

While the Chrome extension is open with Outreach, Salesloft or Salesforce itself, Dooly keeps up with your outbound motion so you never miss a beat. As you transition between records, see Dooly follow along and redirect you to the account, opp, contact or lead you’re working on.

Here's how:

  1. Click the Dooly Chrome Extension while on a tab in Chrome

  2. Be automatically redirected to the corresponding record on the Dooly extension window

  3. Browse Dooly with full functionality from the side – update opps and accounts, write notes, create follow-up tasks for yourself, and more

💡Pro tip: In the case of Contacts, we redirect users to the Dooly extension window and also open the Contact's Account fieldset if the Contact is assigned to an Account.

Enable third party cookies

Your browser settings may have third party cookies blocked, causing your Doolybar not to open correctly. Then this occurs, the following message will display:

To enable third party cookies:

  • At the top right of your browser, click the More Options Icon

  • Click Settings

  • Click Privacy and security

  • Click Third-party cookies.

    • Tip: If you are part of the Tracking Protection test group, you will need to click "Tracking Protection"

  • Select either " Allow third party cookies" or "Block third-party cookies in Incognito mode"

  • OR you can add the site being blocked to the list of "Sites allowed to use third-party cookies"

    • Tip: Inserting “[*.]” before a domain name creates an exception for the entire domain.

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