What if you could get Guru cards delivered to you. In real-time. With no searching?

Use the Attachments feature in Dooly to create Playbook cards out of Guru cards.

Connect your Guru instance to your Dooly Playbook

  1. Go to Notes > Playbooks.

  2. Click on the New Card button.

  3. Click on the back arrow next to Card details.

  4. Click on the dropdown next to Dooly content.

  5. Choose Manage sources > Connect to Guru.

  6. You'll be redirected to sign in to Guru. Once you sign in, your Guru account will be linked to Dooly, and all your Guru cards can be accessed within Dooly.

Attach a Guru card to a Dooly card

  1. Go to Notes > Playbooks.

  2. Click on the New Card button.

  3. Type "/" and choose Attachment.

  4. Search to find the Guru card you'd like to attach.

  5. Then, you'll want to add a Category, Keyword Signal, and title. 

  6. Along with that, if your Guru card is in long-form content, distill it into 2-3 impactful talking points to deliver while in a meeting. This is very important to make the playbooks effective in real-time.

Then when revenue-facing teams are taking a note, they'll get Guru content delivered to them in real-time. With clear talking points to go with it!

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