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Build, centralize and distribute repeatable parts of your sales process for you and your entire team with Dooly templates.

Incorporate your ideal call plans, questions, Salesforce fields, and tasks for each stage of the funnel, buyer persona, or selling role you encounter... no more duplicating admin work.

Example templates from high-performers

First-call scripts, discovery questions, MEDDICC, demo, negotiation, account plan, handover, renewal, advocacy plays, success plans, and summary emails for customers.

Explore our template gallery for inspiration for template structure, Salesforce fields, and key questions to ask.

How to create a template 🎨

  1. Click on the Enablement folder icon then Templates

  2. Select New Template

  3. Select a Salesforce record type (ex. Account, Opportunity, Contact, Lead) so you can add Salesforce fields to your template

  4. Add in the content for your template

    • Salesforce Fields: Include Salesforce fields in your template to reference or update while on calls and taking notes. When you sync a note to Salesforce the Salesforce fields will update too.

    • Questions: Use the question format to guide the conversation.

    • Tasks: Don't miss an action item and embed Salesforce tasks.

    • Create agenda, meeting prep, and next steps sections: Use the headings formatting to outline the most important topics to cover.

Naming your Templates📇

When deciding on a name for your template, pick something that indicates when, where or by whom it should be used. Accurate naming can improve searchability + reduce redundant duplications.

If duplicating an existing template, consider renaming completely or adding an indication of the duplication.

💡** TIP ** Want to add additional details to indicate the use case for the template? Consider using the “Description” area. This will appear below the template name on the tile in your gallery:

How to update template sharing and editing permissions 🤝

Give your team access to view or edit your note template by sharing it with them.

  1. Click on the template you'd like to share

  2. Click on the Share button

    1. Everyone: Select whether you want to give everyone at your organization no access, view access, or edit access to the template

    2. Specific Team Members or Groups: Select specific team members or groups to provide view or edit access

  3. Once done, click Save changes

How to transfer ownership of a template ➡️

  1. Click on the template you'd like to share

  2. Click on the Share button

  3. Select the team member from the dropdown list

  4. Select Transfer Ownership

  5. Once done, click Save changes

Understanding permission levels 🧐

Regular Member permissions:

  • View or make a copy of templates shared with them

  • View, edit, duplicate, share or delete templates they have created

Administrator permissions:

  • View, edit, duplicate, share or delete templates created by all users (regardless of share settings made by the owner)

  • 💡** TIP ** when viewing templates in your gallery - if you are not making changes to the template, avoid saving when exiting (click on discard changes).

How to star a template ⭐️

Starred templates help you keep your favorite templates readily available.

  1. Find the template you want to star or favorite

  2. Click on the star

  3. The starred template will now show up in the Starred section

  4. To un-star, simply click on the star icon again

Tagging Your Templates 🏷️

Up to 5 tags can be added to each template. Click on the tags in the template gallery to see groups of templates.

💡** TIP ** Tags by role, region or stage are a great way to organize and filter templates in your gallery.

Searching Template Gallery🔍

  • Use a keyword to search for templates

  • The search will surface results where the key word was used in the name or description of the template

  • The search field can be used in combination with tags and “used for” drop down

  • You are not able to search or filter by template owner 🙅‍♀️

Explore more tips for creating and using better sales templates with Dooly.

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