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Update Salesforce Fields in Dooly Notes
Update Salesforce Fields in Dooly Notes

Automatically update Salesforce fields from your notes

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With Dooly you can update Salesforce fields right from your notes. Lifesaver. πŸ™πŸ½

First link to a Salesforce record, and then you have two options...

Option 1: Add fields into your note

Insert a field by typing β€œ/” on a new line and selecting "Salesforce field". Type or scroll to find the field name you want to add. Dooly pulls in the current value of that field. Make your update, and the information will send to Salesforce when you sync your note.

Pro tip: If you're in an opportunity note or using templates, you can update both opp and account level fields in Dooly. Just toggle between "this record" and "this account" when you insert the Salesforce field. More details here.Β 

Option 2: Use field sets in note sidebar

In your note, click on the Field Sets icon at the top right or on any of the details at the top of your note, like the record name.

When the drawer opens, you can view, update or add fields for that record. The changes you make in fieldsets will send to Salesforce as soon as you update them. (You don't have to sync the note for the fields to update).

Create new field sets for any information that you want to see and update together.

For example: Think of your opportunity stages and create a discovery field set that includes all of the information you need to document at the discovery stage. You can also share the field set out with your team.

Every wanted to be in two places at once?

You are able to switch between records using the record drop down in the fieldset drawer.

This allows you to view other record fieldsets while in a note.

Want to your fieldset drawer to open automatically?

Eliminate a few extra clicks and set up your field set drawer to open whenever you access your notes.

  • Click on ... record options in the top right corner of your notes stream (next to the sync button)

  • Toggle on "Keep fieldset drawer open"

  • The next time you access your notes page, the fieldset drawer will pop open automatically!


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