Do you want to keep your notes organized and tidy, and stay on top of fields across your customer’s journey? Create, view, update and share field sets!

You could have opportunity field sets for discovery, closed won, closed lost, next steps, main fields etc. Essentially you can group fields together into sets for easier and faster updating.

For accounts, consider sets for onboarding, renewal, growth, advocacy, @risk, churn and other stages you have in your customer journey that have associated fields to fill in.

Bonus 1! Update details on your tasks when you log a call.

Bonus 2! Click on a meeting attendee in your note who is already a contact and update any contact level information in the field set sidebar too.

  • Click on the Field Sets icon at top right of your note.

  • Create field sets grouped by stage or another way of grouping. For example: discovery field set that includes all of the information for discovery stage

  • View or one-click-update fields on your opportunity, account, lead or contact.

  • Share field sets with individuals, roles or everyone in your organization.

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