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Are you following MEDDIC, MEDDPIC, BANT, CANT or other sales methodology? All of these acronyms help reps better qualify potential customers and focus their efforts on the deals most likely to succeed. MEDDIC stands for Metrics, Economic buyer, Decision criteria, Decision process, Identify pain, and Champion. Regardless of methodology, identifying pain that your product can solve, and partnering with a champion to help you sell internally are typically the most important variables for success.

Do you have any worries or challenges with adoption from the sales team? The business wants a clean pipeline in Salesforce for forecasting. But reps push back about the time investment and don’t always remember what questions to ask, especially if it’s a new workflow.

Dooly simplifies admin work for reps so you have squeaky clean data, enables them with templates to follow your sales methodology, battlecards to be smarter on calls, and gives the flexibility for individual customization of the process.

  • Reps have more time to sell

  • Managers have more time to coach

  • Enablement has a real time tool to enable sales

  • Ops and management have far fewer headaches

  • And win rate goes up. Cue 🐇 and 🌈!

Here’s how it works:

  • Add fields to Salesforce if you don’t already have them

  • Create a new view in Dooly with Salesforce fields and filters, then share it

  • Build a note template for capturing critical fields and questions on calls, or use field sets in notes to keep notes and fields separate on the screen

  • Enable reps with playbook cards that automatically trigger more information and questions based on keywords typed or said on the call

  • Do a 5 minute “this is easy” walkthrough with your reps

This three minute video gives a quick overview of what reps would see in Dooly.

Add fields to Salesforce

Adding specific fields that align with the sales methodology (ie: MEDDIC or other acronym) gives you better forecasting power.

Here's our suggested list for MEDDIC:

  • Metrics

  • Economic Buyer (contact name)

  • Economic Buyer details

  • Decision Criteria

  • Decision Process

  • Identify Pain

  • Champion (contact name)

  • Champion details

  • Competition

  • Competition details

And while you're at it, consider adding "Next Steps Date" - this is a key piece of information for reps to manage and prioritize their work.

And if you have a calculated MEDDIC score in a Salesforce field, that can also populate in Dooly.

Create a pipeline view

Creating a new view in Dooly is easy and takes just a couple of minutes. Reps and managers get a simple dashboard for 1-click pipeline updates.

  • Unlimited columns, that is, Salesforce fields

  • Filter customization for any field, especially useful for close date, next steps date, opportunity type, and forecast category

  • Drag and drop column re-ordering

  • Customizable by AE or Sales managers

  • Share the view from Dooly to individual users, roles or entire organization

Build a note template

With a template in hand, reps quickly start a note to gather information while on a call. A template holds fields to fill (or view), scripts, and additional questions to guide the conversation.

Playbook cards enable reps on calls

In addition to note templates, playbook cards trigger based on what's said or typed on the call. So if someone says "let me demystify our decision process", Dooly triggers more questions to ask about decision process. Same idea for the other stages.

What do our users say?

Dooly is a game-changer for weekly reporting and forecasting!

"I have had a great experience with Dooly as it keeps track of my notes, MEDDIC, and Mutual Success Plans for deals I close. It allows you to easily modify fields in Salesforce without having to click individually in each area and wait. Dooly saves me 3-5 minutes on every record I update daily."

– Mark B, Account Executive

Dooly makes doing my job much more efficient

"At any given time, I am working with 50-100 opportunities and it’s not efficient to update all of the necessary fields by accessing each opp in Salesforce. Instead, I keep Dooly open on one screen at all times and enter my sales updates as I go from one central location without having to click in and out of opps. Moreover, it’s super easy to use and I can customize my own view."

– Rachel H, Senior Account Executive

A simple solution to a constant challenge

"Dooly just does what it’s supposed to do and gets out of your way. It is simple to set up, blends perfectly with your workflow, and doesn’t introduce any unnecessary noise into your day. I have never trusted inputting call note data into a CRM directly. The risk of a wrong key deleting everything is too high. Typing notes somewhere else has been my workaround, but capturing key info and (most importantly) making sure it actually ends up back in the CRM have resulted in endless headaches and wasted time. Dooly’s templates mean I'm always capturing the info I need, and its ability to auto-update Salesforce fields is incredibly helpful. My workflow is so much more efficient with Dooly."

– Evan W, Customer Success Manager

Dooly, the tool my reps dreamed of

"Dooly is a godsend to my AEs saving them up to 5 hours a week between streamlining pre-call prep, post call notes, and general Salesforce pipeline updating. The ability to in-line update any field in Salesforce has made them happier and our since source of truth more accurate and up-to-date! With sales having more time to sell instead of spending that time inputting data, and Salesforce hygiene having improved significantly, management has been impressed. We tracked reps who use Dooly vs those who did and not and the data spoke for itself. Those who used Dooly brought in more revenue, had a cleaner pipeline, and had cleaner Salesforce opportunities. Dooly was worth every cent and more."

– Mark E, Revenue Enablement Manager

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