Use templates to build out common questions, fields, tasks and checklists for each stage of your customer's journey. Share the templates with individuals, teams or the whole business. Then everyone can replicate top performer's workflow. They'll take better notes that aid visibility, collaboration and handover, and streamline process. Wahoo!!

Examples of awesome templates to create: Discovery questions, demo, negotiation, account plan, handover, renewal, advocacy plays.

Create your own templates

  1. Head to the templates manager on the homepage by clicking on your avatar/initials > templates. 
  2. Choose a primary Salesforce record type (e.g. Opportunity, Account, Contact, Lead). This tells Dooly which fields to pull from Salesforce. 
  3. Start laying out your template. 

Pro Tips!!

Use these shortcuts to add details and fast format your template for better note-taking.

  • Salesforce Fields: provide context and you can easily update during the call. When you sync a note Salesforce these fields will update. Hover your cursor over any point in the screen and choose the Toolbar ( + ) and then the cloud icon, or use the keyboard shortcut “/ “ to pull in a field. 
  • Questions appropriate to journey stage help to guide the conversation. If you don't answer a question in the note, it will show up for you the next time you take a note on that same record. 
  • Tasks: Drive productivity and embed Tasks. Use the Dooly task manager to track tasks or see via the Dooly Slack App
  • Create agenda, meeting prep, and next steps sections - Outline the most important topics to cover. Especially helpful when training and ramping new team members.

Sharing Templates

  1. Click into the template you'd like to share, then the ellipses '...' at the top right of the modal, and choose "Share".
  2. Share with a specific role, or with everyone at your organization. Select an option then click "Save".
  3. Now, this template will appear in the "Shared with me" section.

Starring Templates

Starred templates will show up at the top of every template list for easy access.

  1. Open the template manager.
  2. Find the template you want to star.
  3. Click on the star icon. It will turn yellow when the template is starred.
  4. The starred template will now show up in the "Starred" section
  5. To un-star, simply click on the star icon again

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