Have you created the perfect custom pipeline view and wish you could share it with your team?

Maybe it’s a detailed MEDDICC view or a sweet account management view.

You can share them to everyone, specific roles or individual people.

Here's how to share:

  1. Click "Share" from your favorite custom pipeline view

  2. Choose who to share with

  3. "Save" and voila!

Accessing shared pipeline views

The people you share with will see the view in their drop down with your name beside it. If someone wants to customize your amazing view to suit their needs, they can duplicate to save a copy.

Pro Tip:

For context, Dooly pulls in all Salesforce views. You may have created your custom view starting from "Everything", "My Opportunities", etc.

To make sure the people you share with can see their opportunities or accounts, not yours, check whether you have the OWNER field filtered in your pipeline view.

  • If you already have OWNER as a column and it's filtered to your name then you likely started the view based on "everything" originally. That is, all of the opps or accounts that exist for everyone. Update the filter to "IS ME" and save the new filter before you share. Then people will see their stuff, not yours.

  • If you don't have OWNER as a column, then Salesforce should update the view to only show the opps or accounts for the people you share with.

How do I make changes to shared views?

  • If you are the owner of a shared view, you can make any changes to any filters and fields then press the save button - voila, the view is updated for everyone!

  • If you are not the owner of a shared view and want to make changes, Dooly will prompt you to save a copy so you can customize to your hearts content!


Will people I share with get a notification?

They will see the view in their drop down under "shared views". You can also copy the URL and share that through your usual communication channel with instructions on how/when to use. There are no notifications about a shared views that come from Dooly.

Can I unshare?

Yes. Click “shared” and change access to “Private”.

Will I see changes an owner makes?

People will see changes if the owner saves a filter. If the owner wants to share other changes (eg: add/remove columns, order of columns), they can UNSHARE, make changes and then SHARE again.

Can I make changes to a shared view?

Yes. You can duplicate any view and change it as much as you want. Only you will see the changes. You will also still have access to the original shared view.

Why build a view in Dooly rather than Salesforce?

With Dooly, you don't have to go through your Salesforce admin (saves time), you get unlimited columns (Salesforce only give you 15), it's more configurable, and it only takes a second to share.

Can I delete or hide a shared view?

Not at the moment.

Can I star my favorite views?

Yes. Click on the star icon next to the title of the view. This will show your favorites in the left navigation.

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