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Use Dooly and Gong together to create deal narratives that win

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Less context switching and more focusing on the conversation without losing your deal details!

Get the full story with Dooly and Gong. Your deal narrative and key deal info are now paired together with your call recording to help close more deals.

Use Dooly’s Gong integration to:

  • Easily access Gong recordings to clean up meeting notes

  • Share your full deal story with one click

  • Review Dooly notes + Gong calls together to get actionable insights on deal reviews

How to listen to your calls with 1-click 🎧

Easily access Gong calls to clean up your notes before syncing them to Salesforce.

  1. Start your note from your calendar meeting

  2. Link your note to the account or opportunity record

  3. Dooly will work its magic to find the corresponding Gong recording and link it to that note

  4. After your meeting, the Watch Gong Call button will appear once your recording has finished processing

  5. And voila! Clicking Watch Gong Call will open the Gong call in your Dooly note

💡 Pro Tip: Share the deal narrative and call recording with the rest of your revenue team by clicking on the Share button and selecting Copy Share Link.

How to build winning deal narratives 📖

Centralize your notes and Gong calls. Get the full deal story in one place.

  1. Go to the record overview page for the account or opportunity

  2. In the Notes widget, the Watch Gong Call button will appear for any note that has an associated Gong recording

  3. Clicking Watch Gong Call will open the associated call recording

💡 Pro Tip: Share the full deal story with the revenue team by clicking on the 3 dots in the top right corner and select Copy Share Link.

How to connect Gong 💥

Only Gong admins can turn on the Gong integration with Dooly.

For Gong Admins with a Dooly account

You can enable the Gong integration directly from Dooly:

  1. Login to your Dooly account

  2. Click on your profile

  3. Select Settings

  4. Select Integrations from the left navigation

  5. Enable the Gong integration

  6. Complete the login authorization steps

For Gong Admins without a Dooly account

Gong admins can use this link to enable the Dooly <> Gong integration:

Learn how to put your admin work on autopilot with more Dooly integrations.

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