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My Meetings View

See your meetings at a glance to prepare for your week ahead!

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Get an overview of the meetings you have dialed up for the week!

The "My Meetings" pipeline view helps you stay focused on your meetings to help you prepare and feel good about the week ahead.

See your weekly meetings at a glance

Each meeting in this view will show you:

  • Meeting time

  • Meeting name

  • Salesforce record it’s linked to

  • Attendees (viewable on hover)

  • Button to quickly access the linked note

You can check out views from the recent past and future too, just change click on Preferences to see next week and last week.

Prepare for your week

Know in an instant which meetings you’ve prepped for and which ones you should.

  • Prep for meeting: These meetings in pink are ones you should prep for. We reco using a note template to make pre-call research and prep a breeze.

  • View note: You’re prepped and ready to crush your call.

Clean up past meeting notes

Revisit past meeting notes to add any missing details before the end of the week.


Why can I only see some of my meetings?

By default in this view, we display your meetings with external attendees. However, to get the full picture, you can customize your filters to include all meetings, both internal and external.

What if my colleague and I are in the same meeting?

No problem! You'll automatically be working together in the same meeting note, as long as you're both meeting attendees on the same calendar invite. Learn more about our Collaborative Notes here!

How can I change the dates being displayed on my calendar?

There are several View Preferences available so you can customize this view:

  • My meetings last week, this week, or next week: select which recent week you’d like to view

  • Show 3 days, 5 days, or 7 days: gives you flexibility to choose how many days you’d like displayed in this view

What other view preferences are available?

In addition to the week and number of days you would like to display, you are also able to remove certain meetings from your view. These view options include:

  • Show meetings with no attendees

  • Show internal meetings

  • Show declined meetings

Can I make changes to my calendar from this view?

This view is not a functional calendar but rather a view that connects your meeting notes to your calendar and to Salesforce. Head back to your Google or Outlook calendar to make changes to or interact with specific meeting details.

What is the number next to "My Meetings" in the priority views bar?

This indicates the number of meetings in the set date range that are still in the future. As you move through your week, the number should gradually decline towards the end of the day on Friday to reflect 0 meetings (unless you plan to work all weekend too).

I have meetings on my calendar but the view is empty?

  • Confirm that your calendar is integrated with Dooly. If you haven't connected your calendar, this view will appear empty in Dooly. You can integrate your calendar in Settings here.

  • Also, this view will appear empty by default if you do not have any meetings with external attendees.

Want it to be the first thing you see?

  • By default, this view will be starred and added automatically to the first or second position in your priority views bar. You can move this view to the first position in the "More views drop down".

  • You can un-star the view from their priority views bar if you don't want to see it, but why would you not?!

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