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Collaborate with your teammates in the same Dooly note, in real-time or async!

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With collaborative meeting notes in Dooly, revenue teams can work together seamlessly at every stage of a deal, from the very first meeting to customer milestones.

Collaborative notes are great for:

1️⃣ Getting everyone on the same page

From discovery calls to demos to onboarding a new customer, prep for meetings together so you can get aligned and document your perspectives on the call.

2️⃣ Strategizing on deals or account plans

Work with your teammates to strategize on account plans, expansion or renewals all in the same doc and connected to Salesforce.

3️⃣ Transitioning deals and accounts from one teammate to another

Share what you know with your teammates. Handovers have never been smoother.


What does Note Collaboration look like?

Multiple users can be in the same note at the same time, making edits simultaneously. Your actions within the note are visible to other users in real time.

Note Collaboration can also happen async. Users are able to revisit notes at a later stage to make and sync edits individually.

How do I invite others to collaborate on a note with me?

All notes linked to a Salesforce record are collaborative by default. All users can jump into any note at any time, without the need for proactive or reactive sharing workflows.

But how do I share the note I'm working on with others? How does note sharing work?

The quickest way to ensure your team is collaborating on the same note is to share the URL. You can share the URL from the Share Button on the note. Users that you have shared this URL with from within your organization will be re-directed to the in-app note to begin collaborating. If the link is shared with those not within your organization and/or not within Dooly, they will see a non-edible read only version of the note.

How do I access a note that I have been asked to collaborate on?

If you have not been provided a URL to the note, you can search the note by name in our search tool, or visit the details page of the Record that the note is being taken on.

You can also access any note from the notes page. Notes will be organized by:

  • My Drafts: all unlinked notes you have created and own

  • My Recent Notes: the most recent linked notes that you have created and own

  • Company's Recent Notes: all other notes linked to a Salesforce record in your org that you do not own (but can collaborate on)

Why am I not able to collaborate on a note?

Check to make sure the note has been linked to a Salesforce record. All unlinked notes are not collaborative and personal to you. Also, check with your Salesforce administrator to ensure that you have been set up with the correct Salesforce permissions to make applicable edits.

What does it mean when it says my note is a "draft"?

Drafts are unlinked notes. Linking any “draft” note to a Salesforce record will make it accessible and collaborative by your team members in Dooly.

How do I see who is collaborating with me?

You are able to see who is collaborating with you in real-time. Colorful moving cursors with the name of users actively collaborating will appear while you are working.

How do I see who collaborated with me on a note?

We’re keeping track of note collaboration activity in Dooly and we display the activity of users once per session. We do not include the contents of the change.
The Dooly activity feed is accessed by clicking on the avatar panel to the left side of the notes Share and Sync buttons. From there, you are able to view the recent activity of the notes collaborators.

Who are the listed Collaborators?

Collaborators shown in the avatar panel are all collaborators on that individual note. Criteria of a collaborator include users who have created or updated content within the note.

How Is a note owner determined?

Event owners are defaulted as the note owner when a note is linked to a meeting. If the note is not linked to a meeting, the creator of the note will remain the note owner. Transfering note ownership is possible - check out this article on Note Ownership Transfer to learn more!

How do collaborated Dooly notes get logged in Salesforce?

All sync activity on a note linked to a Salesforce record is associated with the meeting owner. If no meeting event is linked to the note, the owner is the original note creator (regardless of who pressed "sync"). In Salesforce, the activity of the meeting note will be logged to the owner of the note, not to any of the collaborators.

How are tasks assigned in a collaborated note? and how are they logged in Salesforce?

The current user drafting a task will be auto-assigned to the task (they can change it if they want to), and the note owner will be listed as the creator.

How will a collaborative note appear when sent to Slack?

If the note is getting sent to Slack, it will continue to appear with the owner’s credentials rather than collaborators.

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