Efficient collaboration for the whole team on deals and accounts

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Easily access the expertise from across your company to help you win more deals and keep accounts on track for success.

Commenting in Dooly makes it easy to get team members involved in your deals or accounts, get answers and coaching, and keep your convos in a single place.

Ideas of when to use comments

  • For Account Executives, to loop in your manager to get deals unstuck, brief your solutions engineer on a custom demo or proof of concept, or bring in legal or security during negotiation.

  • For Sales Managers, ask questions, leave coaching tips, update during 1:1s and pipeline meetings.

  • For Customer Success and Account Management, during account reviews, at risk situations, or managing upcoming renewals.

  • For SDRs, to share extra details to AEs of upcoming deals coming their way.

💡Pro Tip: Use Comments during pipeline and account reviews to keep track of specific details, tips, or advice.

How to access comments in Dooly

Comments are organized by record by default so you can have separate conversations about each deal or account right in Dooly.

  1. Click on the 💬 icon to open up the comment area. You’ll find comments while taking notes, on pipeline views, and on record overview.

  2. That’s it! All of the conversation around a deal or account is in a single place.

How to notify team members in comments

@mention your team and they’ll get notified right away, No more missing context or 20 questions to get support or input on a deal or account.

  1. Click on the 💬 icon to open up the comment area

  2. @mention a colleague in the chat

  3. They’ll receive a notification in Dooly as well as an email notification

💡Pro Tip: If you @mention a colleague that doesn’t have a Dooly account, they’ll receive an email notification with your comment as well as a link to sign up so they can reply.

How to change the email notifications from comments

  1. Go to your avatar in the top-right

  2. Select Settings

  3. Select Notifications

  4. Now you can adjust your email notifications to your heart’s content

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