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Your home base to get up to speed on any account, contact, or lead

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Use Record Overview for context about any account, contact, lead or custom record type lickety-split!

Record Overview is your home base for any of your accounts, contacts, leads or other custom records in Dooly. You'll see all the key fields, upcoming meetings, note history, and more, all in one place.

We designed this to:

  • help you win more deals

  • keep on top of your accounts

  • and give visibility to others on your team

When to use? In your daily drive to get organized, account planning, and 1:1s with your manager easily drill down into any record to get insight on where it's at and what to do next.

Note: Record Overviews are not available for Opportunity records. Check out our DealSpace to learn more on how you can access this great deal planning tool!

How to find Record Overview in Dooly πŸ‘€

Find a Record Overview by clicking on the name of a record in your pipeline view OR click on a record from search results.

Insights available in Record Overview

⚑️ Key fields

Easily access and update Salesforce fields related to your record.

πŸ—“οΈ Meetings

Easily see any upcoming meetings that anyone on your team is having related to this record.

πŸ—’ Notes

Get quick access to the deal or account narrative and see all historical notes in one place.

Pro tip: click on the three dots and enable Show related notes to see the related account, opp, contact, and lead notes in this list too.

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