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Take your deal review one giant leap farther using DealSpace.

What is DealSpace?

DealSpace offers a single place to understand the nuances of a deal, creating a standardized approach to prepare and run deal reviews with your sales team.

How to access DealSpace:

  1. To access DealSpace, begin with an Opportunity Pipeline view in Dooly

  2. Apply the filters you need to create the list of deals you want to include in your review.

  3. Click on the “Present” button and away you go!

Tip: Want to look at a single Deal Slide while in a Pipeline view? Click on the name of the Opportunity and you will be taken to the Dealspace for that Opp in one click!

What is in my DealSpace?

The Control Panel allows you to navigate through the slides of your deal.

  • Use the arrow buttons to go forward or backward through slides

  • The Task List Icon to open the tasks drawer

  • The Briefcase Icon to access Manager Notes (Only accessible by Sales Managers)

  • The Speech bubble icon to view Comments on the opportunity

  • The Barcode Icon to access Opportunity Products

  • The Paper Icon to access the note feed for that opportunity

  • The Cloud Icon ☁️ to View in Salesforce

  • The view title drop down ▾ to select and manage your DealSpace Views

    • A people icon will appear if your view has been shared with others

  • The tile Icon to add cards

  • Exit the presentation.

Main Metrics are the header in your DealSpace and contain metrics that help you orient to the deal at a glance.

  • This information is pulled from the opportunity and cannot be edited from DealSpace.

  • Main Metrics are configurable. To select which metrics appear, click on + Add Metrics to select up to 6.

Cards in a DealSpace view are like tiles or widgets. They each contain a set of information, some that come with standard formatting and some that can be edited, adjusted and customized.

Dooly created Cards:

  • Salesforce Fields - This is a blank canvas to start - add the Opportunity Salesforce fields that matter the most to your deal. As long as the field is editable, you can make field updates straight from your DealSpace!

  • Key Players - Dooly identifies key players and their roles on each opportunity using your opportunity contact roles, or you can add a key player directly from DealSpace! When you add a contact they are also added as an opportunity contact in SFDC for that opportunity. Take a look at our article on Opportunity Contact Roles to learn more!

  • Action Plan - view open tasks, upcoming meetings and identified next steps

Additional Card Options:

  • Custom Cards - A place to create lists, add fields not linked to Salesforce, or jot down notes unique to each deal You get to decide what a Custom Card is!

  • Deal Summary - Powered by AI, this tile is a read only summarization of the notes you've already taken on that Opportunity!

  • Notes - See the note history of the record you are currently viewing. You can toggle on "Show related notes" to also display notes from related records in the card.

How to create a DealSpace view:

  1. To create a new DealSpace view, just click on the Deal View drop down within the Control Panel when in Present mode.

  2. Click on Create New View

    Note: Dooly has created a default view for everyone, you can choose to edit this view or create a new view.

  3. From here you can also delete, rename, share or duplicate the view.

How can I add a Card to my Dealspace?

  • To add Cards to your DealSpace view, click on the Add Card icon in the Control Panel to open the Cards Library.

  • Select the Card type from the list of options. Card options will include Cards created by Dooly, and Custom Cards created by you or others on your team.

  • Check out the article on the Cards Library learn more about your Card options

How can I customize my DealSpace?

  • Cards can be resized and moved around the Space, or they can be removed from the view completely.

  • Salesforce fields - The card can be renamed and multiple lists can be created with any combination of fields on an opportunity.

    • Salesforce fields that are editable can be updated from DealSpace.

    • A lock icon will indicate if a field is read-only.

    • Previously created Opportunity Fieldsets can be added to a card or a new Fieldset can be created.

  • Custom Cards- This card type can be renamed. The contents of the card is private to you - the creator of the card, unless shared. There are many possible use cases and capabilities for content, including adding hyperlinks, formatting, and reordering.

How do I share a DealSpace View I’ve created?

  1. To share a DealSpace view you’ve created, click on the Deal View drop down from the Presentation Control Panel.

  2. Select more options next to the Space you would like to share by clicking the … icon next to the name of the view.

  3. From here you can select who you want to share the Space view with - individuals or the entire organization - and then select their level of access.

How do I add tasks to my Action Plan Card?

Tasks added to the opportunity will appear in the Action Plan. Though they cannot be added directly to the Card, we do provide a quick way to access your task list. Click on the Tasks List icon in the Control Panel. A side panel will open where you can add tasks, assign them to users, and set due dates. These instantly populate in your action plan!

My trial of DealSpace is over, now what?

If you have finished your trial of DealSpace, you will be put on the free version. What’s included on the free version?

  • 10 Salesforce Field updates (including Key Player updates) each week in DealSpace.

  • Continued access to all your custom cards, notes, and custom DealSpace views.

  • Ability to monitor weekly DealSpace updates and track when your counter will reset.

How do I enable DealSpace on my Dooly Account?

Want to learn more about DealSpace and how you can add this useful tool to you Dooly setup? Reach out to us at for more info!

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